Welcome to the Claytonia Gaming website. Below you will find a list of our public servers.

Our public Teamspeak 3 server is the backbone of the community. Users are encouraged to invite friends and create personalized channels.  Join us at


The server that started it all! A quiet, safe place for you and your friends to build without the fear of losing all your work. The server IP has been and will always be:


Click on the Image above to Join our Discord server.


Our Windward server can be found in the server browser or under the name “A Public Server”


Our vanilla Factorio servers can be found in the server browser by searching “Claytonia”.


Our Avorion Server can be found in the server browser under the name “A public server”. Join the server and check your in-game mail for more information and a free starter kit.

The Morrowind server can be found in the TES3MP server browser under the name “A Vanilla Server”.

If you are having issues with any of our servers please post on our Discord for help.

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