Claytonia is a gaming community made by gamers for gamers. Every aspect of Claytonia has been an international collaboration of our members. Our webpages, images, forums and servers have all been made and maintained by members of the community.

Claytonia offers tons of support. Whether it be fixing some issues with your computer, or besting that final boss, there’s always someone here to lend a hand.

Claytonia is a gaming community with a true emphasis on community; where gamers, writers, and the all of the creative minded can collaborate and discuss anything from games to DIY projects.

We have an active community comprised of mature members. You can find us on our forums, in Teamspeak, on Steam, or on one of our Servers.

Our administrators are friendly, approachable, and mature. They are the best of our members who have been around the longest and they are among the most active members from the community.

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