p style=”text-align: center;”>Is having access to the Clash’s Plex worth a few bucks a month?
Let’s work together to get a Plex Pass!

Clash’s Plex is a shared account that has multiple servers and media sources available to it.

The account maintainer has spent countless hours ensuring continued access to the sources and is now asking for your help!

There has been multiple requests for the ability know where you left off in a show without sharing the progress with others (like profiles on Netflix) and for parental controls to ensure our kids aren’t clicking on adult content.

Both of these features and many more are available via Plex Pass, a premium branch of Plex.

This site is here to raise the money for a Plex Pass.

We need $5/month, $40/year or a one time fee of $120 for life time access.

You can do a large one-time donation or subscribe below to setup a recurring donation.

Donation Options

The option to have live TV streaming through plex is available to us for a cost. Most IPTV providers charge $10-$15 per month depending on the content they offer (including live sports!).

If you are interesting in helping pay for live TV please set up a reocurring donation and talk to the account maintainer!

Donation Options


There is currently $0 per month being donated.
Check back for updates.

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