This community of gamers is run by, and paid for by its members. Please consider donating some of your time or hard earned cash to help Claytonia stay around for another 2 years. Without the support of our members we would not be here today. You can contribute in different ways, from helping run a server, spreading the word about Claytonia, creating content on our forums, creating images for our website, and even sharing your ideas. Not everyone is creative so you can always contribute by donating some cash to help pay for the servers you use.

If you would like to donate some of your skills to Claytonia via images, game plugins, administration work, or ideas please e-mail and an Admin will get back to you ASAP.

Monthly Donation

Donation Options

One-off Donation

We can use Bitcoin to pay for all of our hosted services. If you would like you can also donate bitcoins! You can send donations to:

You can also support us by using our amazon affiliate link to buy your next game.

If you contribute by creating images, plugins or addons there will be a vote on our forums to decide if we should use your creation. Once it is active on the site or on a server you will be given the Donor rank on Teamspeak, the forums and servers.
If you decide to donate cash towards server upkeep, please e-mail with the usernames you use within the community and the admin staff will see to it that you get the Donor rank ASAP.


  • Ability to create permanent channels in Teamspeak.
  • Ability to create password protected channels in Teamspeak.
  • Use of reserved slots in Teamspeak.
  • User group in TS & on forums with extra permissions.
  • Ability to move others in Teamspeak.
  • Access to donor areas on TS & forums.
  • Custom icon next to your name in Teamspeak.
  • Avatar file size increased to 200kb in Teamspeak.

Donor names are in no order and are from as far back as two and a half years ago. We do not see a lot of these people around anymore but still wanted to recognize them here.

  • Tslat
  • Zero
  • Yellow_Goat
  • Coop711
  • PrimeZz
  • Flareside
  • Schuminator
  • Farquad94
  • Rtabb
  • Elboone
  • Fishingrat7
  • SnowBunny
  • Allpone
  • Dietbandit
  • FurryoldLobster
  • DubhAingeal
  • JimJones
  • Frogmeat
  • MahnBahna
  • Hellwood
  • Axe
  • Creekside
  • Devo_008
  • Fraisone
  • H1ght3chL0wL1f3
  • Joe21221
  • lilflip_00
  • MrDoGood
  • Obi42
  • soubuckeye
  • SilverAvalon
  • Shabam1
  • PureMLGSkillz
  • DanSolo
  • Captain Tricky
  • Toa
  • Coop

A super big THANK YOU goes out to Tslat for going way above and beyond for the community! He has made us a website, images, and custom minecraft plugins. He also moderates our forums and Teamspeak. Claytonia would not be where we are today with out his help, If you see him around share a kind word.

A thank you to Trollentia for making the Home page images for the website.

Thank you Frogmeat for hosting the Arma server!


Thank you FurryOldLobster for running our forum D&D and for writing the “About Claytonia”.

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