Claytonia Gaming Instant Messaging

Jabber (XMPP) is the original open instant messaging technology. It is very similar to other IM services. Once you connect to our server you can see other members who are connected and communicate via instant message.

If you are not on teamspeak jabber is the best way to stay connected with your friends from the community. Now you don’t need to exchange phone numbers to stay in touch with your friends from the community, just install the cell app.

The Claytonia Jabber server can be connected to through any jabber client via Most common jabber features are enabled including file transfer. Admins are active on the server so we have enabled open registration.

How to connect on a PC

To connect download your favorite Jabber client. I recommend Spark.

Your first time connecting to the server you will need to create an account.
In the Spark app click “accounts” in the bottom left.

Choose you username and password and in the Server field put If the account was not created wait a minute and try again. If it still fails e-mail and an account will be created for you.

Once you have an account created you can log into the server.

Connecting on a cell phone

All you need is an app on your Android phone.
I recommend the YAXIM app.

1) Once the app is installed open it.
2) If it is your first time connecting to the server check the “register new account option”
3) Input your username with the suffix (example:
4) Tap OK in the bottom right to connect.
5) You will be asked to accept a security certificate. Tap Always in the bottom right.

That’s it you’re connected!

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