The IP to join the Minecraft server is :


Server Information
– This is a no frills, nothing fancy kind of server. There are no ranks, no annoying plugins, and no flashy chat colors.
– The server is run by a small group of Minecraft enthusiasts who enjoy vanilla Minecraft.
– Everyone has access to commands like /spawn,/home, and /tpa.
– Every action on the server is logged so If anything bad happens we can undo it in seconds.
– Spawn protection is large. You must go 500+ blocks before you can build!
– Type /einfo in-game for this information and much more, including an updated list of commands available.

Essentials – /home, /tpa
mcMMO – By popular demand.
(Ask in-game or on discord for a complete list. )

1. Don’t be an ass..
2. If it’s not yours – Don’t touch. (No griefing, raiding, or being an ass [See rule 1])
3. PVP is only allowed if both parties agree prior.
4. Don’t be an ass

The Claytonia Minecraft server is run by ClayGarth.

We are currently looking for admins on the server! Before you apply you must be on teamspeak to meet everyone. We want to know the people who run the server!

Submit your photos on our forums to be featured on our site.

*Stats are updated every 8 hours.

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