If you are having issues with any of our servers please post on our forums or E-mail us for help.


Our public Teamspeak 3 server is the backbone of the community. Users are encouraged to invite friends and create personalized channels.  Join us at


We have an Arma III server running the Exile Mod.

Join us by searching in the server browser.


Semi-Vanilla by default with tons of other game play options. The server IP is


You can find our server in the server list under the name “Claytonia Gaming”


Our vanilla server can be found in the server list by searching “Claytonia”.


This server has been discontinued due to lack of interest. If you would like to see us run another Jabber server please let us know on our forums.

Jabber (XMPP) is the original open instant messaging technology. It is very similar to other IM services. Once you connect to our server you can see other members who are connected and communicate via instant message.


Our Windward server can be found in the server browser or under the name “A Public Server”


Our vanilla Factorio servers can be found in the server browser by searching “Claytonia”.


Our Avorion Server can be found in the server browser under the name “A public server”. Everyone has access to the following commands: /sethome, /crew, /price, /save. The server restarts and checks for updates every four (4) hours.


Click on the Image above to Join our Discord server.

Our Terraria server can be joined using the IP: with the default port of 7777.


Our TeeWorlds server can be found in the server browser under the name “A Server”.

The Morrowind server can be found in the TES3MP server browser under the name “A Vanilla Server”.

This community of gamers is run by and paid for by its members. Please consider donating some of your hard-earned cash and help Claytonia stay around for even longer.