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« on: November 29, 2013, 09:11:44 PM »
  Greedy creatures of the dirt,These curious creatures use the shadows, and have an affinity for darkness and caves. They horde treasure and readily steal from anyone they can. With the exception of Orcs, Golems are generally hated by all races and are killed on sight. Orcs have been known to trade with Golems, but with caution, as an Orc is just as likely to kill a Golem for loot as the Golem is to rob the Orc blind.

Golems are the hardest race to play as, and may prove a challenge for willing players!

Note: Golems are limited in number, and no slots are currently available.

Golem Rules:
  • Golems will catch on fire in the Sun.
  • Golems are the only race who may steal.
    • Golems may not steal from the Offering to Deity chests or Book Storage chests in shrines.
  • Golems may craft with Wood.
  • Golems may only trade with Orcs and Alfar.
  • Golems may only eat Meat, preferably cooked.
  • Golems may only use Wood Swords.
  • Golems may only wear Leather or Chain Armor.
  • Golems may not break blocks outside of their City Spawn, except for Dirt/Sand.
    • If Golems break dirt/sand outside of base, it must be replaced immediately.
    • This is to simulate them passing through it.
  • Golems may break or place any block inside their City Spawn.
  • Outside of their Spawn, Golems may only use:
    • Wooden Sword
    • Leather or Chain Armor
    • Wooden Shovel
    • Shears (for tripwires only)
    • Redstone Tools (torches,levers,buttons,dust)
    • Blessing Potions
  • Unless they have an immediate need, or been contracted, Golems may only steal Shinies.
  • Objects considered Shiny:
    • Iron Ingots, Blocks, Armor, Tools, Weapons
    • Gold Ore, Ingots, Blocks, Armor, Tools, Weapons
    • Diamond Gems, Blocks, Armor, Tools, Weapons
    • Emerald Gems & Blocks
    • Lapis Blocks
    • Redstone Dust & Blocks
    • Glowstone Dust & Blocks
    • Ender Pearls
    • Eyes of Ender
    • Ghast Tears
    • Quartz (but not blocks)
    • Enchanted Items

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