List of Unique Skills

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List of Unique Skills
« on: March 08, 2014, 05:54:20 PM »
Here's the list of available unique skills as an html document.  It shall be reformatted to the forums soon!

Unique Skills

Name (prereqiusites)  Description

Acrobatic (none)  +2 to Jump and Tumble checks

Agile (none)  +2 to Balance and Escape Artist checks

Alertness (none) +2 to Listen and Spot checks

     Investigator (Alertness) +4 to Spot checks

Animal Affinity (none) +2 to Handle Animal and Ride checks

Athletic (none) +2 to Climb and Swim checks

Bookworm (none) +2 to knowledge checks

Charm Mouse (none) Attempt to charm small rodents to do your bidding (active skill)

Combat Casting (must be mage/cleric class) +1 to casting success in combat

     Improved Combat Casting (Combat Casting) +2 to casting success in combat

     Speedy Caster (DEX 13, Dodge, Mobility, Combat Casting) May move before and after casting

Combat Expertise (INT 13) Trade attack bonus for AC (up to +5)

     Improved Disarm (Combat Expertise) +4 to disarm attempts

     Improved Feint (Combat Expertise) Feint in combat as move action (active skill)

     Improved Trip (Combat Expertise) +4 to trip attempts

     Whirlwind Attack (DEX 13, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack) One melee attack to each opponent within reach (active skill)

Combat Reflexes (none) Additional attack of opportunity

Crafty (none) +2 to Craft Item checks

Deceitful (none) +2 to Disguise and Bluff checks

Deft Hands (none) +2 to Sleight of Hand and Use Rope checks

Dodge (DEX 13) +1 to AC against selected target (active skill)

     Mobility (Dodge) +4 to AC against selected target (active skill, stacks with Dodge)

     Spring Attack (DEX 15, Mobility) Move before and after melee attack

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (none) May use Exotic Weapons without penalty

Eye for Measurement (none) Have a keen eye for distances

Improved Unarmed (none) +2 to hit and damage with no weapon equipped

     Improved Grapple (Improved Unarmed) +4 to grapple attempts

     Deflect Arrows (DEX 13, Improved Unarmed) Deflect one ranged attack per round

          Snatch Arrows (DEX 15, Deflect Arrows, Improved Unarmed) Catch deflected ranged attack

     Stunning Fist (DEX 13, WIS 13, Improved Unarmed) Stun opponent with unarmed attack (active skill)

Magical Aptitude (Must be Cleric, Wizard, or Sorcerer) +2 to spellcraft and Use Magic Device

Martial Weapon Proficiency (none) May use Martial Weapons without penalty

Mounted Combat (Animal Affinity, Ride Animal) +2 to AC on mount

     Mounted Archery (Mounted Combat) Negates penalty to using ranged attacks on mount

     Ride-By Attack (Mounted Combat) Move before and after a mounted attack

     Spirited Charge (Mounted Melee, Ride-By Attack) Double damage while on mount on selected target (limit 1 per encounter)

Negotiator (none) +2 to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks

     Great Negotiator (CHA 13, Negotiator) +4 to Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks

Nimble Fingers (none) +1 to Lock Pick checks

     Professional Lockpick (DEX 13, Nimble Fingers) +2 to Lock Pick checks

Persuasive (none) +2 to Bluff and Intimidate checks

Point Blank Shot (none) +1 ranged attack and damage within 10 meters

     Far Shot (Point Blank Shot) Ranged weapons can fire accurately farther away

     Precise Shot (Point Blank Shot) +2 to ranged attack

     Rapid Shot (DEX 13, Point Blank Shot) One extra ranged attack per round

     Many Shot (DEX 15, Point Blank Shot) Shoot two or more arrows at once

     Shot on the Run (DEX 13, Dodge, Mobility, Point Blank Shot) Move before and after a ranged attack

Power Attack (STR 13) Trade melee attack bonus for damage

     Cleave (Power Attack) Your attack will follow through to next nearby opponent (active skill, limit 1 per encounter)

          Great Cleave (STR 15, Power Attack, Cleave) You no longer have a limit on cleave

Quick Draw (DEX 13) Can draw weapon as a free action

Shield Proficiency (none) +1 to AC when using a shield

     Shield Bash (Shield Proficiency) +2 to attack and damage when using a shield as a melee weapon

Stealthy (none) +2 to Hide and Move Silently checks

Toughness (none) +3 to Hit Points

     Brass Cajones (CON 13, Toughness) +5 to Hit Points

          Tank (CON 15, Brass Cojones, Toughness) +10 to Hit Points

Tracker (none) +2 to Tracking checks

Two-Weapon Fighting (DEX 15) Negates penalty to using weapon in off hand

     Two-Handed Defense (Two Weapon Fighting) Off-hand weapon grants +1 to AC

          Flurry (DEX 17, Two-Weapon Fighting) Use a flurry of two-handed strikes against opponent (limit 1 per encounter)

Weapon Finesse (DEX 12) Use DEX modifier instead of STR modifier on attack rolls with light weapons for extra attack and damage

Weapon Focus (none) +1 to attack with selected weapon

     Weapon Specialization (Weapon Focus) +2 to attack with selected weapon

          Greater Weapon Specialization (Weapon Specialization) +4 to damage with selected weapon
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Re: List of Feats
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2014, 01:09:14 PM »
Told Furry I'd help a bit... so grab this file and take a look.

Things to keep in mind:

  • We use a modified DnD setup. Not all of these feats will apply or even help you.
  • Some feats require "prerequisites". This means they need a stat or previous feat to use them. Of course, some prerequisites can be over looked if you state your case. Furry doesn't like to limit people.
  • It's a long list. I didn't read them all, and finding specific ones in the list will be slightly difficult to do. (assuming we ever discover the "find" command in adobe reader, haha) Please write the name, as well as the description of your feat in your character sheet.
  • If you find a feat that sounds good, we can slightly alter the effects of it to suit our play style, again, speak to our DM, Furry.

Not sure if all the feats are in this PDF, but at the very least, there is a lot.

So get out there, and get unique! One Feat at a time! :)


   Added a second file which seems to give more in-depth information on feats. Might be best to use the all feats from all sources to look up a feat and then the tome of feats for in-depth information about it.
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