Thaumcraft Beginner's Guide (WORK IN PROGRESS)

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Thaumcraft Beginner's Guide (WORK IN PROGRESS)
« on: December 02, 2016, 08:44:23 PM »
Alright so you want to try out some magic in Minecraft? Well, you've come to the right place! So, let's get started!

First thing you want to do is craft a wand. You're going to need a wand for everything you do in thaumcraft in one way or another. Whether it be for crafting magical items, casting "spells", or any number of other things, your wand is your best friend. For crafting your first wand, you will make an Iron Capped Wooden Wand. This is the only wand available to you when you first start, and to be honest, it kind of sucks. This requires ten Iron nuggets (1.1 Ingots) and a stick. Now I know that's a lot to ask but don't fret! It gets more costly as you go! (/sarcasm) This is done in your friendly neighborhood crafting table / crafting station. You know how you make an Iron helmet? Do the same thing with nuggets instead of ingots and you get an iron cap. If you don't know how to make an iron helm, I think you need  to start out with basic Minecraft my friend!!!  In case you don't know, it's 3 iron nuggets in the top of a crafting table, and two iron nuggets on either side on the middle row of a crafting table/station. Next is your stick. I'm sorry but I'm not going to tell you how to make a stick my friend. Once you have two iron caps and a stick, just put them in a diagonal fashion in a crafting table and BAM! You have you your first wand!!!!! Congratulations now you're an official Thaumaturge! Your next step is probably the most important step of all of your thaumaturgical adventures. You're going to make your Thaumonomicon! Think of the Thaumonomicon as your all around tool for learning about the mod without external/out of game sources. It will tell you many things you need to know about the game, and is essential for learning many basics of the game. So, make a bookshelf ( 6 planks of any kind and 3 books, figure it out if you don't know it buddy :P) Now, once you have your bookshelf and your super advanced iron capped wooden wand, you're going to place your bookshelf in the world and... (drum roll) right click it with your wand!!! This will give you your Thaumonomicon, your best and most useful took for studying magic!!

 Alright, now that you've got he basic tools down, we're going to move on. (Got any questions? Feel free to PM me any time! I'll get back to you within 24 hours!) So, this next part incorporates your next big thaumaturgical adventure,  a LOT of research. Research is the key to advancing further as a thaumaturge. without researching all of the different aspects you can not advance further. This part will take you anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour but is the foundation for everything that is to come. Here's the order you want to do things in:
First, you want some scribing tools and paper. These are used for researching in your research table (see below) and also for writing out research notes for use in said table. Scribing tools are made with a feather, ink sac, and phial ( 3 glass and 1 clay). Paper is 3 sugar cane in a line. Make at least two scribing tools and a stack of paper (half  a stack is okay, but you will need more later. You will also eventually need many ink sacs to refill your scribing tools (by placing ink sac and used scribing tools in a crafting grid, shapeless)

Next thing you're going to need is a Thaumometer. The Thaumometer is basically your eye into the magical world. It will let you see Aura Nodes (more info on these later) MUCH more easily, it will let you research things (by holding right click while it is your active hotbar item), it will let you see the aspects of things you have researched previously, and many more things later on. To make a Thaumometer, get  a piece of Glass, two of any Primal Aspect Shards (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Order, Entropy) and two gold ingots. place them in a + shape in the crafting grid, glass in the center. Once you have your Thaumometer, you want to start scanning literally everything you can. Some things in the modpack can't be scanned, namely Advent of Ascension items and mobs (other than Advent armor, you can scan that.) Some things won't be able to be scanned until you have scanned something else before it. So, I have this handy little list that I found and modified to help you along. First though, you're going to need a research table. For this, you need to make two tables (three wooden slabs above two planks in the shape of a table [Who would have guessed that one?]), place them side by side, and then right click them with your fancy wand.

Start by combining Aqua and Terra in the "Research Table" to get Victus.
There is no easy way to scan for Victus (at least that I know of) and it is a prerequisite for a lot of other aspects. While you're at it, combine Aer and Aqua to make Tempestas, the weather aspect, it's not a prerequisite for other aspects but since you can't scan the weather, you'll have to combine it anyway. (Weather you like it or not)

(Bear in mind this is a list for Thaumcraft 4 [The version included in our Claytonia's Champions Modpack {v1.2}])

Now, scan these items and/or blocks in order:
Torch --> Lux (Light)
Coal, Coal Ore --> Potenia (Energy)
Grass Block --> Herba (Plant)
Trapdoor --> Motus & Arbor (Motion and Wood/Tree)
Chest, Bowl, or bucket --> Vacuos (Void)
Glass Block --> Vitreus (Glass)
Potion of weakness --> Mortuus & Praecantatio (Death and Magic)
or alternatively:
Research: (Victus + Perditio) --> Mortuus
Any Shard, Mossy Cobble, Chiseled Sandstone --> Praecantatio
Chicken --> Volatus & Bestia (Flight and Beast)
Soul Sand --> Spiritus & Vinculum (Spirit and Trap)
or if you not have been to the nether yet:
Skeleton Skull, Zombie Head --> Spiritus
Amber --> Vinculum
Paper --> Cognito (Mind)
Rotten Flesh --> Humanus & Corpus (Human and Corpse)
Wheat, Bread, Apple, Carrot, Potato --> Fames & Messis (Hunger and Growth)
Flint --> Instrumentum (Tool)
Obsidian --> Tenebrae (Darkness) [Can also combine Lux and Perditio in the Research Table if you feel like it)

And then you can scan the rest (no particular order necessary):
Any one block tall vanilla Flower --> Sensus (Sense, Vision)
Wool --> Fabrico & Pannus (Crafting and Paper)
Spider Eye --> Venenum (and also Sensus) [Poison]
Snow, Ice --> Gelum (Ice)
Milk Bucket --> Sano (Healing)
Any Hoe --> Meto (Harvest)
Any Pickaxe --> Perfodio (Mining)
Arrow --> Telum (Weapon)
Leather, any Armor --> Tutamen (Armor)
Hopper, Cinnabar Ore(has also Venenum) --> Permutatio (Exchange)
Fence Gate --> Machina & Iter (Machine and Travel)
Iron Ingot, Iron Ore --> Metallum (Metal) [Wow that one was hard to decipher]
Gold --> Lucrum (Greed) [Pechs love this one]
Zombie, Skellington --> Exanimis (Undead)
Ender Pearl, Blaze , Obsidian Totem --> Alienis (Alien)
Slimeball --> Limus (Slime)
Tainted Goo --> Vitium (and also Limus) (Taint)
Ethereal Essence (any Aspect) --> Auram (Actually not sure what to call this one)

Alright, now that the hard part is over, let's do some research. Open up your Thaumonomicon and read the Research tab. Got that? Good. Now let's try doing a bit of that. Go ahead and look for the first thing you can research, and get that note. Place it in your research table that we set yup before and link up the aspects like you just read.
(To be Continued later today)

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