About the Server.

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About the Server.
« on: June 04, 2013, 11:12:50 PM »


What We Are About

Claytonia is an active mature Minecraft community with an active forum and voice chat server.

Our primary Minecraft server is a multi-world bukkit server with three worlds:
Creative, Vanilla, and Semi Vanilla.

By default, all players have access to the semi vanilla server. Applying on the Claytonia forums and being of proper age and maturity will get you access to the Vanilla.
The Creative server is reserved specially for donators of Claytonia.


Don't be an ass.
Don't steal, grief or raid other players builds.
PvP is allowed ONLY if both members agree to PvP

How to Join
Just join the server the same as any other unmodded Minecraft server, using the IP: Minecraft.Claytonia.net

This server is run by donations from the community. Without the generous donations from members of our community this server will not last. Please consider making a donation to Claytonia to keep the servers and community alive.

You can make a one time donation by clicking here, or a Subscription options is available by clicking Here.
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