The server that started it all! A quiet, safe place for you and your friends to build without the fear of losing all your work.
The server IP has been and will always be: Minecraft.Claytonia.net

Server Information

  • This is a no frills, nothing fancy kind of server. There are no ranks, no annoying plugins, and no flashy chat colors.
  • The server is run by a small group of Minecraft enthusiasts who enjoy vanilla Minecraft.
  • Everyone has access to commands like /spawn,/home, and /tpa.
  • Every action on the server is logged so If anything bad happens we can undo it in seconds.
  • Spawn protection is large. You must go 500+ blocks before you can build!
  • We have had a Minecraft server online since 2012.
  • The current map has been active since 2014.
  • Spawn moves when there is a major update to keep new players close to new terrain.
  • Type /einfo in-game for this information and much more, including an updated list of commands available.


  • Essentials – /home, /tpa
  • mcMMO – By popular demand.
  • (Ask in-game or on discord for a complete list. )


  1. Don’t be an ass..
  2. If it’s not yours – Don’t touch. (No griefing, raiding, or being an ass [See rule 1])
  3. PVP is only allowed if both parties agree prior.