You can connect via the IP:
Claytonia Gaming runs a Teamspeak 3 server that is open to the public. The Teamspeak server is the backbone of our active community. It is by far the best way to meet other, like-minded, gamers from Claytonia. We encouraged everyone to invite friends and create channels.

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Who's Online?


  • No Race
  • No Religion
  • No Politics
  • No Slurs
  • Act like an adult
  • Please use Push To Talk (PTT). No one wants to hear the conversation with your sister.
  • Do not play music over Teamspeak.
  • Please use the room that corresponds with the game you are playing. If you need a room created, just r-click and make your own room!
  • No mic spam. If you're not talking TO someone and just talking, it's spam.


  • How do I give my friends permissions to move channels?

    • Right click on them, click on “set server group” and select “User”.
  • How do I remove Guest from my name?

    • Right click on yourself and set server group to User.
  • How do I get the $ next to my name?

  • Can I create a channel with a password?

    • Yep, and it's encouraged to help protect from trolls.
  • I can’t move channels, HELP!

    • Right click on yourself and set server group to User.
  • How do I create channels?

    • Right click in the channel list and create a new SUB-channel.
  • Teamspeak says I was banned for too many complaints, what does this mean?

    • You either broke the rules or broke general voice communication etiquette, and too many people reported you to the server. It's only a 24hr ban. You can appeal bans HERE.